Tadpoles are great, lightweight balance bikes

Balance bikes are perfect for teaching your child how to balance on a bike. This is where most children find it harder to learn!

A balance bike leaves them to push themselves along with their own little feet, and rely on the magic of two wheels to make them go super quickly. They can easily touch the floor, which means they don't get scared, and are able to make themselves go fast enough to catch up with the older kids.

  • Suitable for children aged between 1 and 2

  • For children with a minimum inside leg of 24cm

  • 10" wheels (teeny and very cute!)

  • Available in Red, Green and Pink

  • From £2.99 a month

  • Suitable for children aged between 2 and 3

  • For children with a minimum inside leg of 31cm

  • 12" wheels

  • Available in Purple, Red, Orange, Spotty, Team Sky, Pink, Union Jack & Green

  • From £3.79 a month

  • Lightweight but study frame

  • Soft handlebar grips

  • Easy to grip Tektro rear brake with adjustable lever for smaller hands

  • Brake mounted above the rear stay to keep it away from the little riders feet

  • Quick release seat-post for easy height adjustment

  • Locking headset = steering limiter which is safer for learners