Our Bikes

Cuda Performance make up our fleet

 "WHAT A BIKE FOR £8!?…IT MUST BE RUBBISH!” said a parent to us today.

I can assure you they are not rubbish bikes, they are in fact top of the range, super light weight and designed specifically for children.

They’re made by a brand called Cuda, and we use their Cuda Performance range.

As this is a hire/exchange scheme we wanted the best bikes so they last longer and give you a better experience.

Some people don’t get why you want your child riding a light weight properly designed bike.

Well I will write more about this over the coming months, but essentially it’s safer, and they really will enjoy it more, trust me.

If they don’t then just send us back the bike and go and buy something horrible. 😝

The 14" CP14

The 16" CP16

Ok you're probably getting the naming convention by now, the 18" CP18

Did you guess it? The 20" CP20 (the first with gears)

The originally named 24": CP24

And just to throw you, our road/cyclocross bike, the 26" CP26R