We understand that families can have more than one child, we want to help families as much as possible so we offer family discounts for any siblings that might also be eager cyclists!


Checkout as normal

No reductions on first payment plus delivery

After that; you'll receive 10% off the monthly payments for each subsequent bike


Buy-out options

We offer buy-out options for every bike. The buy-out options ensure that the amount you spend on the bike is capped. This is useful for parents who may have children fairly close in age, so that the bike can be 'handed down' to the next sibling however also acts as a safety option if your child suddenly goes through a period of time with no growth spurt! Children are pretty unpredictable in the growing area!

The number of monthly payments plus the monetary amount of the final payment in order to purchase the bike vary for each bike. Individual details can be found on the bike product page.

These examples are based on the full, non-discounted value of the bike.

If you receive 10% sibling discount, the buy-out options still apply however the final purchase payment, will increase in order to reach the RRP of the bike.

If you have any questions before joining, please drop us an email on info@thebikeclub.co