We joined at Christmas and just did our first seamless exchange. Our 4 year old learnt to ride on a spotty frog 43 and has chosen a pink 48. Being able to move to a bigger bike after only 7 months is one of the main benefits. Her ‘new’ bike is reused but immaculate. Great decision to join
— Emma, Milton Keynes
Pleasure to deal with them. He adores it, we had to buy a shiny new red helmet to match. Nathan says it’s super fast
— Nigel, Carnoustie
He’s not ridden a bike in a year, but the excitement of a new bike has rekindled it. So far so good!
— Fenella, Hereford
3.5 Yr old Tommy on his new Tapole. After riding on a tadpole mini for 6 months, he made the leap to pedals and smashed it in a day!
— James - Instagram
Amazing customer service! Our first rebike arrived today and it looks brand new. Thanks so much, Elias loves his bike!!!
— Jennifer, Glasgow
So on Sunday we ordered a bike for our 6 year old daughter. Today, we ordered a bike for our 3 year old daughter, having decided I am not going down the painful stabilisers route with the youngest. Roll on next week when they arrive, we can’t wait for them to turn up now. Seriously cannot believe we haven’t done this sooner. Great Customer Service so far.
Now if only I could stop hovering over the Adult bikes, too....
— Adam, Leeds
My 6 year old loves his new bike! He’s on it all the time and it’s so light too. We chose a Frog 55 and it’s fab. Really pleased and would definitely recommend 👍🏻
— Lindsay, Sheffield
New bike arrived today! Great surprise after school. Thanks to all at thebikeclub.co
— Oito - Instagram
😂 he’s obsessed with his bike. He’s going on his first proper bike ride with his God parents tomorrow. First day of the holidays and the adventures begin!
— @thenosyparkers - Instagram
We received our Cuda this morning. Thank you! She loves it.
— Maritza, Chorley
My youngest learnt to ride on a bike from the bike club, so had a few falls which resulted in a few scuffs! It was so easy to exchange when he became more confident and needed the next size up. Absolutely no problems at all, they even arranged for his old bike to be collected after his new one had been given on his birthday so the surprise wasn’t ruined!

Can’t fault the service at all! It’s a brilliant scheme.
— Jade, Bristol
Elias loving his new birthday bike! Took him about two minutes to master riding it, now there’s no stopping him. Great service and the rebike is in perfect as new condition- thank you so much.
— Unknown
Got 2 for my 5y and 8y old boy’s last Christmas. Bikes are top notch. Very lightweight, and quality components.
Would highly recommend this company.
— Aldo - Facebook
This is an excellent scheme to get your little rippers riding high quality bikes at an affordable monthly rate. Once outgrown you send it back and they send you the next size 👌👍 so handy while they are growing like a weed!
— Steel City Rippers - MTB Club
Hey bike club! This is my son Rudy, he’s 5. He took delivery of his frog 48 on Thursday. This is him literally 2 minutes after first sitting on his “red rocket” we were genuinely gobsmacked 😮 he went on to cycle 2 miles without stopping! He’s been riding a balance bike for a couple of years but we never imagined the transition would be this awesome. He concluded with “my bike is 99% cool, but 100% cooler when I’m riding it” you can’t argue with that maths 😂 Anyway, thank you without end for sparing his dad and I from doing the dreaded bike run! 🙂
— Emma, Aberdeen


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