Your kids are growing fast

If you buy a new bike for your child, before you know it the bike will be too small. Buying a new bike so often simply isn’t a sensible option, either for your wallet or for our planet.


Total flexibility

Once you’ve signed up, you can exchange, cancel, or own at any time. Instead of buying a bike your child might not even ride, with us you’ll always have peace of mind.

Manageable monthly payments

We take away the high initial cost of getting your family cycling and replace it with a monthly subscription. You already pay monthly for your phone and music—it’s time bikes were brought into the 21st century.


It’s more sustainable

There must be loads of bikes around the UK sitting unloved in people’s sheds and attics. The only way to cut waste is to introduce more sharing and rental into the way we consume products.


Be part of a club

Have it delivered direct to you, or collect from a dealer. Either way, our cheerful support team is always ready to help.

More affordable than buying. More flexible than finance. And better for the environment too.